Friday, July 4, 2014

A Video Game with Never Ending Levels...

Wouldn't that be amazing!!.. I mean, I guess... if you like video games.

What I do like is the love of God, which I've only recently REALLY discovered has never ending levels; each one is more complicated, more difficult to understand, and more rewarding than the one before. I am constantly overwhelmed by our Creator, Savior, Friend who loves us so deeply that He shows us in ways that are just as diverse as we are! Daily I struggle to trust, and daily His response is a love I don't deserve sans Christ. Thankfully, we are not "sans Christ"; we are co-heirs with HIM!

Romans 8:32 (mirror word)
"The gift of his son is the irrefutable evidence of God's heart towards us. He held nothing in reserve; but freely and undeservedly gave everything we could ever wish to have; this is what our joint sonship is all about."

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